Taldans is at Fast Forward Festival 2 with X Apartments – Athens 21-24 May 2015


Taldans is at Fast Forward Festival 2 with X Apartments – Athens

21-24 May 2015 

Who lives in this city and how do they live? What stories are hidden from us by its apartment walls? What sort of narrative do the histories of its residents—privileged and anything but, natives and immigrants, young and old—form?
X Apartments encourages its spectators/participants to explore their city’s unknown private zone for a few short hours, to transform themselves into romantic flâneurs who visit the homes of fellow Athenians for an encounter with their lives. This fascinating urban happening is a theatre of the authentic situation, of familiarization, participation and coexistence. Directors and film-makers, architects, visual artists and choreographers from Greece and abroad turn these private residences into stage sets on which they present their in situ performances.

“The theatre has never before been possessed of such a desire for reality”, declares the pioneering German curator, Matthias Lilienthal (b. 1959), artistic director of various prestigious theatrical organization, whose radical productions move theatre out of the landscape of illusion into that of revelatory experience. Staging this site-specific excursion into the homes of others since 2002, he re-examines the boundaries between private and public space, colonizing and nomadic life, individualism and community, urban exploration and psychogeography. After Beirut, Johannesburg, São Paolo and many more cities besides, this unique dérive which invites us to penetrate deep into our fellow citizens’ private inner sancta is coming to Athens.

Instructions for the performance
X Apartments will run concurrently in two different areas of Athens. Spectators start in pairs every 10 minutes.
Part of the performance takes place at open-air locations and includes long parts of walking. The audience is advised to wear comfortable clothes and shoes, as well as a hat.
Performance duration: ca. 2 hours and 30 minutes

Tour 1
Starting Point: Cafe Krikelas, 2 Diligianni St. (Metaxourgeio Metro Station – Exit Diligianni)

Starting Point: Cafe Pronto, 161 Liosion St. (Attiki Metro Station – Exit Liosion 149-169)

Timetable: Thu-Sun 16:00-20:00 (tours begin every 10 minutes, with 2 spectators per tour). Please click here for the exact time slots.

It is advisable to book your ticket in advance. You can also purchase your ticket from the starting points, as long as there is availability.
Age guidance: 18+ or 16+ accompanied by an adult.

The performances start exactly at the above mentioned hours. Please be sure that you arrive at the starting point 15 minutes prior to the performance scheduled start time. In case you will not be able to attend a performance for which you have purchased a ticket, please make sure to inform us at Τ. 213 017 8036. The performances can take place only with a specific number of viewers.

ca. 2 hours and 30 minutes
The tours are held in English or Greek.

Concept: Matthias Lilienthal
Curated by: Katia Arfara & Anna Mülter
Research: Prodromos Tsinikoris
Dramaturgy: Katia Arfara, Anna Mülter, Prodromos Tsinikoris
Production Manager: Dimitra Dernikou
Technical Manager: Lefteris Karabilas
Line Production: Vassilis Panagiotakopoulos
Assistant to the Line Production: Theodora Kapralou
Coordination: Marina Troupi
Production: Onassis Cultural Centre-Athens

Tour 1: Agios Pavlos – KolonosAndreas
Angelidakis (GR), George Drivas (GR), Syllas Tzoumerkas (GR), Ant Hampton (UK/CH), Markus Öhrn (SE/DE), Akira Takayama (JA), Doris Uhlich (AT)
Tour2: Agiou Meletiou – Kypseli
Anestis Azas (GR), Tzeni Argyriou (GR), Eleni Efthimiou (GR), Alexandra Bachzetsis (GR/CH), Chris Kondek (USA/DE), Boris Nikitin (CH), Taldans (Filiz Sizanli & Mustafa Kaplan) (TR), Daniel Wetzel (DE)

For details: Fast Forward Festival2 with X Apartments – Athens

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