Site – 2010

Direction, Choreography, Performance: Filiz Sızanlı
Text: Filiz Sızanlı & Aslı Çavuşoğlu
Editor: Aslı Çavuşoğlu
Light: Sophie Lepoutre
Coproduced by: Bimeras | iDANS (Istanbul)
Supported by: 0090/Monthy Antwerp Belgium, ESPACE PASOLINI Théâtre International Valenciennes France, CATI STUDIO Istanbul Turkey
Thanks to: ELTEATRO – espace d’art et création Tunis, Tunisie for the residency and L’Officina Marseille France, Andrea Abbatangelo, Gurur Ertem

30 min.

“SITE” focuses on the resonances between arte- and arche- (between art and artifact, and between power and architecture). She explores the inherent traces of power or powerlessness that the made worlds impose, expose or try to hide. She focuses on hospitality and inhospitality of built environments, habitats, structures and objects.

Treating the made world as an extension of our embodied consciousness, she researches the ways in which we make our world through artifacts in order to compensate for the frailties of our sentient condition. Sızanlı unveils how certain urban and/or domestic environments which she refers to as “inconvenient architecture” turn frailty into vulnerability and powerlessness.

How do cities create inconvenient situations with disabling effects and how they accommodate the body in given architectural structures?

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Past Performances
December’10Théâtre de la Minoterie, DanseM, Marseille, France
December’10Monty, 0090 KunstenFestival, Antwerp, Belgium
November’10 Espace Pier Paolo Pasolini, NEXT Festival,Valenciennes, France
October ’10 garajistanbul, iDANS Festival, Istanbul, Turkey
September ’10/ El Teatro, Tunusi, Tunis