Ritual for a Sensitive Geography ⎪ Taldans with Julie Nioche @Le Théâtre Bretigny, 13 October 2018, Brétigny-sur-Orge, FR


In our current geo-political context, what are the new rituals for encountering the unknown, coming together to affirm powerful, essential values which transcend borders?

Ritual for a Sensitive Geography an invitation to audiences to tiptoe through the construction of their own borders, imaginary, psychic, sensitive and physical, which will be felt in these small group encounters.

Our bodies become our country.

What intercorporal policy are we trying to construct ?

Ritual for a sensitive geographyis a series of 3 choreographic installations which allow us to see how each person portrays his or her body and relates to others. With dance movements and words, the dancers accompany the audience in their experiencing of these “choreographic objects,” choreographic practices, simple actions, even children’s games …

Somewhere between installation, performance and audience connection, these rituals address the issue of meeting through space, time and movement.

This project invites spectators to look at dance, to experience a certain state of listening, to be a co‑constructor of the ritual in which each presence has its own influence.The participants experience the building of their own territory, with their own way of reaching out to others.

Wanting to share these rituals of meeting is what Filiz Sizanli and Mustafa Kaplan experienced at Gezi Park on the Place Taksim in Istanbul in 2013.

During a time of violence and repression in which the stakes are life itself, men and women create spaces for meetings and rallies to resist, to encourage exchanges between human beings: sharing a meal, reading to each other, sharing dances, receiving first aid, exchanging books, words, movements, looks. Propositions for rallies and other forms of sharing were organized by artists and citizens, creating a community based on tolerance and exchange.

Concept & Performance Filiz Sizanli, Mustapha Kaplan, Julie Nioche
Music, Performance Alexandre Meyer  Regard
Scenography / Scenographic look Laure Delamotte-Legrand Régie générale /
Technical manager Max Potiron

Producer A.I.M.E. – Association d’Individus en Mouvements Engagés – Nantes.
With collaboration of TALDANS – Istanbul
Théâtre Paul Eluard – TPE, scène conventionnée d’intérêt national pour la danse de Bezons
Le Grand R, scène nationale La Roche-sur-Yon
Atelier de Paris CDCN
Théâtre Onyx / scène conventionnée de Saint Herblain
Creation supported by Région Pays de la Loire, Loire Atlantique departement, City of Nantes and French State / DRAC Pays de la Loire

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New Creation Victory Over the Sun @21st Istanbul Theatre Festival, 25-26.November.2017, Istanbul, TR

Taldans is happy to invite you to their new creation “Victory Over the Sun” performance at 21st Istanbul Theatre Festival.


Victory Over the Sun 

Written by: Aleksei Kruchenykh
Concept: Taldans
Choreography & Performance: Mustafa Kaplan, Filiz Sızanlı
Sound Design: Sinan Kestelli
Light Design: Turan Tayar
Venue Design: Taldans
Co-Produced by: Eskişehir Büyükşehir Belediyesi Şehir Tiyatroları, Taldans
Thanks to: Norgunk Yayınevi, SALT Araştırma, KeKeÇa (Timuçin Gürer, Tugay Başar), Esra Karadağ, Sima Can Kaplan, MSGSÜ Modern Dans Bölümü, ÇATI (Çağdaş Dans Sanatçıları Derneği)

Taldans’ new approach of the relationship between the text, body and rhythm is continuing with the first Russian futuristic opera “Victory Over the Sun”. 

Taldans’ founders, Mustafa Kaplan and Filiz Sızanlı, are experiencing to be on stage as a couple once again after a 15 years of collaboration, and trying to infiltrate to the vocal and imaginative contents of the text. They are searching new ways of editing their own body languages with a new texture. Kaplan and Sızanlı are analyzing the futuristic attitude in the Victory Over the Sun” over a choreographic sequencing with emphasizing the vocal material and composing a new spelling book over searching the movement of the sound.

Taldans is working through mathematical and architectural calculations, developing over the language and content; measuring the distance between words and music by using several rhythms and traditional Turkish music’s ‘usulpatterns and examining to develop the vocal material into variations. They are recomposing the sequences by corrupting the sequences that composes the content, searching ways to predict the language of the future by provoking the traditional language.

Taldans has no intention to create an opera or a theatre play while approaching this futuristic opera, aiming to chase after a dynamic and steamy fiction which is liberative in the language and the body, going through with the “Victory Over the Sun”, a piece that dreams and tells that “everything is possible in the impossibility”.

Victory Over the Sun, 21st Istanbul Theatre Festival
Yunus Emre Kültür Merkezi Müşfik Kenter Sahnesi, Bakirkoy, Istanbul, TR
25.November.2017 Saturday 20:30
26.November.2017 Sunday 15:00

For tickets and about the festival please click here

Dolap @Théâtre de la Ville, Paris, FR 19-22/10/2017

Dolap_ Paris

An old fridge is anything but useless! In a well-structured trio with his partner Filiz Sizanli, Mustafa Kaplan transforms it in a surreal character. The ludicrous and dreamlike humor of an engineer and a former architect.

With their overflowing imagination, Mustafa Kaplan and Filiz Sizanli recycled an old fridge and transformed it in a gym apparatus and a dance partner which is both an enemy and an accomplice. Around this “Dolap”, meaning wardrobe but also plot in Turkish, they’re tricked by some ludicrous and silly situations, like two furniture movers who’d step in the imaginary world of a child. Adults might grasp different metaphors…

Théâtre de la Ville, Espace Cardin Studio, Paris France
19 October 2017, Thursday  – 14:30
20 October 2017, Friday – 10:00
21 October 2017, Saturday – 17:00
22 October 2017, Sunday – 15:00

Please, click here for tickets and venue details.

Birdenbire! // Suddenly! @bomontiada ALT, Istanbul 23.Eyl/Sept.2017 15:00-22:00

Taldans_ccJanet Park
ccJanet Park


Köşeyi dönünce Taldans çıkabilir!

Festival kapsamında farklı mekanlarda ve farklı zamanlarda izleyici ile kısa süreli sürpriz karşılaşmalar yapacak olan Taldans 2003 yılında İstanbul’da Mustafa Kaplan ve Filiz Sızanlı tarafından kuruldu. Taldans’ın çıkış noktası İstanbul Şehir Tiyatroları bünyesinde kurulan Tiyatro Araştırma Laboratuvarı’dır.

A Corner in the World X bomontiada Alt kapsamında gerçekleşen etkinlik ücretsizdir.
23.Eylül.2017 15:00-22:00
@bomontiada ALT, Bomonti, Istanbul


Taldans can come out of the corner!

Taldans is desiring to create short and surprise encounters with audiences in different places and at different times during the festival.

Taldans was founded by Mustafa Kaplan and Filiz Sızanlı in Istanbul in 2003. The starting point of Taldans is the Theater Research Laboratory, which was established inside the Istanbul Municipal Theater.

As part of A Corner in the World X bomontiada Alt, admission free.
23.September.2017 15:00-22:00
@bomontiada ALT, Bomonti, Istanbul

We Need To Move Urgently @The Blob presents: Body Double – Stockholm Istanbul

The Blob presents: Body Double – Stockholm Istanbul


21.May.2016, Sat 18:00
22.May.2016, Sun 17:00
@MDT, Slupskjulsvägen 30, Stockholm, Sweden
for tickets please click here

We Need To Move Urgently

“There is a beautiful mess outside, how can you stay in?” is written on a city wall. “We need free space not castle dreams” says another wall text.

This project initially began by questioning the responsibility and role of art and science in current society. Later the process was subjected to a forceful social event that changed the course of the work- the events in Gezi park in Istanbul in 2013.

It was only one in a series of many deep social -and artistic- upheavals in the past years, from New York over Brazil or Lisbon to Istanbul. They gave rise to thousands of spontaneous ideas, initiatives and gave birth to a temporary social order that organized itself. Social cybernetics in the making.

Objects gathered from various cities, prompted us, as three individual performing ,artists, to relate to the events. Back in the studio, they became materials for an analogue spatial and mental model where we could grasp the processes and work in a free space. A model to zoom in and out from.