Dolap – 2000

Concept: Mustafa Kaplan
Choreography: Mustafa Kaplan in collaboration with Ömer Uysal and Filiz Sızanlı
Dance: Filiz Sızanlı, Mustafa Kaplan
Costume: Petra
Première: December 2000, Dulcinea – Istanbul
Thanks to Centre National de la Danse, Paris

40 min. duet

We are interested in “the body at work” in this piece. Starting point of “Dolap” was the simple task of carrying a refrigerator from one place to the other. “As we were investigating the encounter of the human body with the mass and volume of the machine, we found out that the fridge was getting more and more active and determining”. And indeed, the piece looks more like a trio than the duet.

Point of departure was our wish to find a model where the separation between the stages of rehearsal and presentation of the final piece would not just be dilute, but simply inexistent, from the very start. Every rehearsal would be (one of the possible realizations of) the piece. Every presentation is a rehearsal for other possibilities. In this way, we thought to formulate an answer to the challenge of creating a work that could be in tune with every place and time of its presentation. As a result, this work doesn’t have a fixed form or a pre-established ending.

Please contact for the password for the full video version.

Past Performances:
October’21 / Müze Gazhane, Istanbul, TURKEY
November’19 / Desiré Festival, Subotica, SERBIA
November’19 / Csokonai Theater, Debrecen, HUNGARY
November’19 / Trafo, Budapest, HUNGARY
October’19 / EMPAC, New York, USA
October’17 / Theatre De La Ville, Paris, FRANCE
February’17 / Hong Kong Arts Festival, Hong Kong, HONG KONG
October’15 / Istanbul Modern Museum, Istanbul, TURKEY
April’15 / KOC University, Istanbul, TURKEY
March’15 / SALT Galata, Istanbul, TURKEY
July’11 / Mount Ida, Canakkale, TURKEY
May’11 / De Stilte, Breda, HOLLAND
April’11 / VI Visões Urbanas, São Paulo, BRAZIL
January’11 / Palladium, Malmö, SWEDEN
September’10 / Corpi Urbani, Genova, ITALY
October’09 / Tokyo Dance Triennale, Tokyo, JAPAN
November’08 / Bir Bakışta Türkiye, Vienna, AUSTRIA
June’08 / Bafa Şenlikleri, Milas, TURKEY
April’08 / garajistanbul, Istanbul, TURKEY
April’08 / Osman Gazi University Dance Festival, Eskisehir, TURKEY
March’08 / El Teatro, Tunis, TUNISIA
January’08 / La Ferme du Bouisson, Paris, FRANCE
November’07 / CRT – Centro di Ricerca per il Teatro, Milano, ITALY
October’07 / FID – Forum Internacional de Dança, Belo Horizante, BRASIL
July’07 / Nasrettin Hoca Festivali , Aksehir, TURKEY
May’07 / Inter Play Festival, Torino, ITALY
February’07 / Festival “Love is Contemporary”, Terni, ITALY
January’07 / garajistanbul, Istanbul, TURKEY
August’ 06 / Kaleideskop K2, Kobenhavns, DENMARK
June’06 / Serralves Em Festa!, Porto, PORTUGAL
February’06 / Met Volledig Festival, Ccgenk, BELGIUM
February’06 / 0090 Kunstenfestival, Monty Antwerp, BELGIUM
December’05 / StuttgArt Now, Stuttgart, GERMANY
August’05 / Impuls Tanz Festival, Vienna, AUSTRIA
July’05 / In Motion Festival, Barcelona, SPAIN
June’05 / International Art Days, Bodrum, TURKEY
December’04 / Les De Danse, Paris, FRANCE
December’04 / Bozar Dance, Brussel, BELGIUM
November’04 / ALKANTARA, Lisbon, PORTUGAL
June’04 / MIGRATION/ Oriel Mostyn Gallery, Wales, U.K.
May’04 / Ile Danse, Ajaccio, FRANCE
March’04 / Teaterhuset Avant Garden, Trondheim, NORWAY
March’04 / Tanz Bremen, Bremen, GERMANY
January’04 / Montpellier Dance Festival, Paris, FRANCE
January’04 / Les Presqu’iles/ A La Ferme Du Buisson, Paris, FRANCE
August’03 / Mednarodni Festival Gledalisca In Plesa, Ljubljana,SLOVENIJA
July’03 / FESTIVAL Delle Rocche, ITALY
July’03 / Le Lieu UniqueNantes, FRANCE
May’03 / Centre d’art et d’essai DE MONT, Saint- Aignan,FRANCE
May’03 / TOGA Festival, Toga, JAPAN
March’03 / Très Biennale Danse, Paris, FRANCE
March’03 / FondationCartier pour l’art contemporain, Paris, FRANCE
March’03 / Festival Something Raw/Nes Theatre, Amsterdam, HOLLAND
January’03 / Rotterdamse Schouwburg, Rotterdam, HOLLAND
October’02 / Centre National de la Danse, Paris, FRANCE
September’02 / Festival DANSEM, Marseille, FRANCE
April’02 / O’More Chorégraphie de Bernardo Montet, Marrakech, MOROCCO
December’01 / Centre National de la Danse, Paris, FRANCE
August’01 / Zuercher Theatre Spektakel, Zurich, SWITZERLAND
March’01 / Le Théâtre de l’Usine, Geneve, SWITZERLAND

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