We need to move urgently – 2014

Concept: Taldans
Creation: Filiz Sizanli, Mustafa Kaplan, Vania Rovisco
Light: Jan Maertens
Production: Platform 0090, Taldans, Wp Zimmer, Buda, fabrik Potsdam
Artistic advice: Zhana Ivanova, Pieter T’Jonck, Cevdet Erek, Marcus Rovisco
Project management: Fırat Kuşçu & Valerie De Visscher
Thanks to: Demimonde na Galeria da Boavista-Lisboa for hosting our live process, ÇATI Association-Istanbul for providing workspace
Taldans is sustained by the EMWAP project and funded by the European Culture programme

Première: January 11-12 2014, Festival Made in Potsdam-Germany

The process of the project was subjected to various conditions that affected the outcome of the work immensely. Initially it began by questioning the relation and responsibility of art and science in current society. Later the process was subjected to a strong social event that changed the course of the work.

In retrospect, it was only one in a series of many deep social –and artistic- upheavals in the last years, from New York over Brazil or Lisbon to Istanbul. They gave rise to thousands of spontaneous ideas and initiatives. For instance such events gave birth to a temporary social order that organized itself. Social cybernetics in the making.

“There is a beautiful mess outside, how can you stay in?” is written on a city wall. “We need free space not castle dreams” is written on another city wall.

Objects gathered from various cities, prompted us, as three individual performing artists, to relate to the events. Back in the studio, they become source material of an analogous spatial and mental model to grasp the processes at work in a free space. A model to zoom in and out on.

Lists proved to be a conceptual tool in exploring what we had experienced and understood. Lists organize what is at first glance only a mess of ideas and impressions. They may look all too personal, and thus arbitrary or even trivial. But, unlike political theory, which sets the rules and defines the frame, lists defy conclusions and invite openness. Lists reinforce each other while theories fight each other.

This wide range of approaches became dramaturgical tools to arrive at a container of actions that try to sympathize with the necessity that collectively we need to move urgently, while still upholding each individual voice.

Please contact for the password for the full video version.

Past Performances
Apr’ 2015 / Moda Sahnesi, emwap Festival, Istanbul, Turkey
Mar’ 2015 / Moda Sahnesi, emwap Festival, Istanbul, Turkey
Oct’2014 / Maxim Gorki Theatre, Voicing Resistance Festival, Berlin, Germany
Jan’2014 / Fabrik Potsdam, Festival Made in Potsdam, Berlin, Germany

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