TOUCH ⎪ Taldans with Julie Nioche at NHS70 FESTIVAL, 27&28 July 2018, Bangor, Wales


27&28 July 2018
National Theatre Wales & Migrations

This tactile piece of theatre draws inspiration from the work of osteopath Julie Nioche and the testimonies of NHS staff members and patients.
Osteopathy works on the principle that the wellbeing of an individual relies on their bones, muscles, ligaments and connective tissue all functioning smoothly together.
Interactive and contemplative, NHS70:Touch will explore the importance of physical touch as part of a patient’s care and treatment.

Touch is being created by a powerhouse of international, national and local artists and organisations; National Theatre Wales, Llanrwst‑based Migrations, French musician Alexandre Meyer and choreographer and dancer Julie Nioche, choreographers Filiz Sizanli and Mustafa Kaplan from Turkey, and a cast of dancers including Laura Dannequin, Angharad Harrop, Cai Tomos and Simon Whitehead.

Touch – Bangor Pontio, Bangor University, Deiniol Rd, Bangor LL57 2TQ
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Premiere! New Creation! Ritual for a Sensitive Geography ⎪ Taldans with Julie Nioche

Taldans’ new creation with Julie Nioche,
Ritual for a Sensitive Geography will be premiering on 1 June 2018,
at Centre d’art la Graineterie, Houilles avec le TPE de Bezons, in Paris (FR),
please welcome!
And on 2 June 2018, at Le Bal, Paris (FR)

Affiche-Rituel for a sensitive Geography.jpg

Ritual for a Sensitive Geography is an invitation to audiences to tiptoe through the construction of their own borders, imaginary, psychic, sensitive, physical, which will be felt in these small group encounters.
The performance offers 3 successive rituals of about 1 hour each (AT HOME, ON THE WAY, et FROM THE CENTER) which can be followed as a whole or separately.

Concept & Performance Filiz Sizanli, Mustapha Kaplan, Julie Nioche
Music, Performance Alexandre Meyer  Regard
Scenography / Scenographic look Laure Delamotte-Legrand Régie générale /
Technical manager Max Potiron

Producer A.I.M.E. – Association d’Individus en Mouvements Engagés – Nantes.
With collaboration of TALDANS – Istanbul
Théâtre Paul Eluard – TPE, scène conventionnée d’intérêt national pour la danse de Bezons
Le Grand R, scène nationale La Roche-sur-Yon
Atelier de Paris CDCN
Théâtre Onyx / scène conventionnée de Saint Herblain
Creation supported by Région Pays de la Loire, Loire Atlantique departement, City of Nantes and French State / DRAC Pays de la Loire

1 June 2018, Centre d’art la Graineterie, Houilles avec le TPE de Bezons, Paris (FR)
18.30 / 19.45 / 21.00
2 June 2018, Le Bal, Paris (FR)
20.00 / 21.15 / 22.30
27 July 2018NHS70 Festival, National Theatre Wales & Migrations, Gwynedd, Wales, UK
28 July 2018NHS70 Festival, National Theatre Wales & Migrations, Gwynedd, Wales, UK
14.00 / 17.00 / 20.00

For the trailer please click here


New Creation Victory Over the Sun @Festival Trajectoires, 20.January.2018, Nantes, FR

Taldans is happy to invite you to their new creation “Victory Over the Sun” performance at Festival Trajectoires.


Taldans’ new approach of the relationship between the text, body and rhythm is continuing with the first Russian futuristic opera “Victory Over the Sun”. 

Taldans’ founders, Mustafa Kaplan and Filiz Sızanlı, are experiencing to be on stage as a couple once again after a 15 years of collaboration, and trying to infiltrate to the vocal and imaginative contents of the text. They are searching new ways of editing their own body languages with a new texture. Kaplan and Sızanlı are analyzing the futuristic attitude in the Victory Over the Sun” over a choreographic sequencing with emphasizing the vocal material and composing a new spelling book over searching the movement of the sound.

Taldans is working through mathematical and architectural calculations, developing over the language and content; measuring the distance between words and music by using several rhythms and traditional Turkish music’s ‘usulpatterns and examining to develop the vocal material into variations. They are recomposing the sequences by corrupting the sequences that composes the content, searching ways to predict the language of the future by provoking the traditional language.

Taldans has no intention to create an opera or a theatre play while approaching this futuristic opera, aiming to chase after a dynamic and steamy fiction which is liberative in the language and the body, going through with the “Victory Over the Sun”, a piece that dreams and tells that “everything is possible in the impossibility”.

Victory Over the Sun
Festival Trajectoires, Parcours Dans La Ville
Sept Cent Quatre Vingt Trois / Cie 29×27, 50 rue Fouré, Nantes, France
20.January.2018 Saturday 18:45