Sek Sek – 2002

Choreography: Mustafa Kaplan, Filiz Sızanlı
Dance: Mustafa Kaplan, Filiz Sızanlı
Music: Cevdet Erek
Costume: Petra
Co-production: ÇATI Contemporary Dance Artist Association, Istanbul
Centre National de la Danse, Paris
Created during a residency in the studios of CND, Paris,
With the support of DBM-Danse Bassin Méditerranéen.
Première: 12 October 2002, CND, Paris

45min. Duet

The bodies of a man and a woman continue their investigation into the opposing forces and states of equilibrium that emerge in their interaction… They work on scale, and use the body as a measuring unit, measuring the space and the relation of bodies to that space. But the body itself, too, can act as a surface and a floor, which may even be walked upon.
“The idea of scale, conceived the idea of creating/performing the space over sound. The sound turns into an element to identify the space.
The relation of the voice-body-movement is experimented based on the image of “the lips don’t touch” (a pin replaced between the two lips); the improvisation technique used by poet singers in folk songs tradition in Anatolia.”

Please contact for the password for the full video version.

Past Performances
December’14 / Sınırlar Ötesine Dans, Eskişehir, TURKEY
April’12 / Istanbul Agora Festival, São Paulo, BRAZIL
February’12 / Queens College, New York, USA
October’11 / Sidance Festival, Seoul, KOREA
March’11 / Piccolo Teatro, Milan, ITALY
January’11 / Palladium, Malmö, SWEDEN
September’10 / Corpi Urbani, Genova, ITALY
April’10 / Borusan Music House, Istanbul, TURKEY
November’09 / Izmir Dance Festival, Izmir, TURKEY
October’08 / Nottdance’08, Nottingham, UNITED KINGDOM
June’08 / Şehir Tiyatrolari Genç Günler , Istanbul, TURKEY
February’08 / 0090 Kunstenfestival, Anvers, BELGIUM
October’07 / The Ports of Arts,Catania, ITALY
May’07 / Contemporary Performing Arts Festival,Istanbul,TURKEY
June’06 / Serralves Em Festa International Dance Festival,Porto, PORTUGAL
May’06 / INTERPLAY Dance Festival, Torino, ITALY
April’06 / IstanbulReConnects Dance Festival, Istanbul, TURKEY
December’05 / StuttgArt Now, Teater in Depot, Stuttgart, Germany
December’05 / KLAPSTUK International Dans Festival, Leuven, BELGIUM
August’05 / Impuls Tanz Festival,Vienna, AUSTRIA
August’05 / Rizoma.Arti Contemporanee del Movimento Pisa, ITALY
July’05 / Juli Dance Festival, Amsterdam, HOLLAND
July’05 / Contré Courant Festival, Avignon, FRANCE
April’05 / Istanbul Dance Festival/CNDC.FR Angers, FRANCE
April’05 / Le Theatre de L’usine, Geneve, SWITZERLAND
March’05 / Danse a Lille, LilleFRANCE
December’04 / Bozar Dance, Brussel, BELGIUM
October’04 / Les Floraisons du Botanique, BELGIUM
September’04 / Festival DANSEM, Marseille, FRANCE
July’04 / Istanbul Dance Festival, Istanbul, TURKEY
June’04 / MIGRATION/ Oriel Mostyn Gallery, Wales, UNITED KINGDOM
January’04 / Les Presqu’iles, Paris, FRANCE
January’04 / Montpellier Dance Festival, Paris,FRANCE
July’03 / Le Lieu Unique Nantes, FRANCE
October’02 / Centre National de La Danse, Paris, FRANCE