Solum – 2005

Choreography and interpreter of first part: Filiz Sızanlı
Choreography and interpreter of second part: Mustafa Kaplan
Costume: Petra

“The body is the soil. My body is my land.”

60 min. Two solos

Mustafa Kaplan and Filiz Sizanli, who have until now choreographed and danced together, are retreating to their own personal research for a while. Their paths are going to converge again on stage for this piece which consists of solos. Mustafa and Filiz do not assume a body-in-itself, but rather explore the body in its incompleteness.

“What can I add on to or withdraw from my body?

How immediate and real is the urge to move?

How far away is the movement from the body and what lingers between the two?

Can I lie with my body? Can I suffer with my body? Can I destroy it?

What are the deficiencies, deceptions and pretensions of the body, of the movement?……..”

“Does maintaining the body as an exploration site imply a detachment from the body or is it the body’s most self-assertive state?  What are the motives which make us ask such questions? Are they ‘embodied’ in our own body?  These remain for the audience to be commented upon.”

*Solum (Lat.): 1. (adv) alone, only

2. land, country, soil, ground/bottom, floor, foundation.

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Past Performances
May ’09 / Pathos Festival, Munich, GERMANY
October ’08 / eXplore Dance Festival, Bucharest, ROMANIA
December’07 / Teatri di Vita,Bologna, ITALY
November’07 / Festival Panorama de Dança, Rio, BRAZIL
October’07 / FID – Forum Internacional de Dança, Belo Horizante, BRAZIL
October ‘07 / iDANS Festival, Istanbul, TURKEY
July’ 06 / Fondation Cartier, Paris, FRANCE
May’06 / Istanbul Theater Festival, Istanbul, TURKEY
February’06 / 0090 Kunsten Festival, Anvers, BELGIUM
January’06 / Thetre L’Usine, Geneva, SWITZERLAND
November’06 / Miladi Levi Festival, Ljubljana, SLOVENIA
October’05 / DanseM Festival, Marseille, FRANCE
September’05 / Cati Dance Studio, Istanbul, TURKEY
April’05 / Centre National de la Danse, Paris, FRANCE