Audio Choreography: Walk // Podcast @BIPOD Festival, 27.May.2021, Thursday 10:00 (GMT+3)

Audio Choreography: Walk
Podcast (English)

27.May.2021, Thursday
(GMT+3) 10:00 – >>> 

Free Event 
BIPOD Festival
Architecture of a Ruined Body @

This excursion to the body of the city is an invitation to a walk. This podcast is a participation of listening, questioning and allowing new ways of perceiving and re-experiencing the city that we live in from a different perspective by following the voice guidance. How the city’s obstacles, disturbances, noise and transformations affect our body, can we raise more awareness on these topics? This audio choreography is an alternative way to be together, to act even on an online platform. You will need a phone with internet connection, earphones to listen to the podcast and a city to walk.

Concept and Choreogrraphy
Filiz Sızanlı
Mustafa Kaplan

Eylül F. Akıncı

Sound Design
Sair Sinan Kestelli

Fırat Kuşçu

Thanks to
Çatı Contemporary Dance Artists Association, Istanbul
Institut Français d’Istanbul
Maqamat / BIPOD- Beirut International Platform of

Maqamat / BIPOD- Beirut International Platform of Dance

CCN Bourgogne Franche-Comté à Belfort/ Viadanse
Les Subsistances
Sareyyet Ramallah
Egomio Cultural Centre

In Cooperation with
Allianz Kulturstiftung
Al Mawred 

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