We Need To Move Urgently @The Blob presents: Body Double – Stockholm Istanbul

The Blob presents: Body Double – Stockholm Istanbul


21.May.2016, Sat 18:00
22.May.2016, Sun 17:00
@MDT, Slupskjulsvägen 30, Stockholm, Sweden
for tickets please click here

We Need To Move Urgently

“There is a beautiful mess outside, how can you stay in?” is written on a city wall. “We need free space not castle dreams” says another wall text.

This project initially began by questioning the responsibility and role of art and science in current society. Later the process was subjected to a forceful social event that changed the course of the work- the events in Gezi park in Istanbul in 2013.

It was only one in a series of many deep social -and artistic- upheavals in the past years, from New York over Brazil or Lisbon to Istanbul. They gave rise to thousands of spontaneous ideas, initiatives and gave birth to a temporary social order that organized itself. Social cybernetics in the making.

Objects gathered from various cities, prompted us, as three individual performing ,artists, to relate to the events. Back in the studio, they became materials for an analogue spatial and mental model where we could grasp the processes and work in a free space. A model to zoom in and out from.

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