600 Steps in Istanbul

600 Steps - Warsaw

600 Steps is a research and cultural exchange project that derives from the 
600th anniversary of relations between Poland and Turkey and aims to explore the subjects of city, memory and resistance through Istanbul and Warsaw.

The first residency of 600 Steps in Istanbul will take place between February 1-9 and will be hosted by SALT.

Concept: Taldans | Mustafa Kaplan, Filiz Sizanli

Created together with: Mustafa Kaplan, Kursad Ozdemir, Filiz Sizanli, Iza Szostak, Karol Tyminski, Zorka Wollny, Wojtek Ziemilski

Project coordinator (Istanbul): Fırat Kuşçu

The project is organized as part of the 2014 cultural programme celebrating 600 years of diplomatic relations between Turkey and Poland.

“600 Steps” is a project commissioned by culture.pl and in collaboration with SALT (Istanbul).

We need to move urgently

©Bram Mönster

An open rehearsal will take place on November 16th at 12pm at Wp Zimmer in Antwerp-Belgium. If you wish to join in please be there 15 min. before.

Concept: Taldans
Creation: Filiz Sizanli, Mustafa Kaplan, Vania Rovisco
Light: Jan Maertens
Production: Platform 0090, Taldans, Wp Zimmer, Buda, Fabrik Potsdam
Artistic advice: Zhana Ivanova, Pieter T’Jonck, Cevdet Erek
Project management: Yelin Bilgin & Valerie De Visscher

Taldans will be in residence at Fabrik Potsdam in Germany from September 2nd to 22nd.

Fabrik Potsdam will also host the premiere of our new creation in January 2014.