Premiere! New Creation! Ritual for a Sensitive Geography ⎪ Taldans with Julie Nioche

Taldans’ new creation with Julie Nioche,
Ritual for a Sensitive Geography will be premiering on 1 June 2018,
at Centre d’art la Graineterie, Houilles avec le TPE de Bezons, in Paris (FR),
please welcome!
And on 2 June 2018, at Le Bal, Paris (FR)

Affiche-Rituel for a sensitive Geography.jpg

Ritual for a Sensitive Geography is an invitation to audiences to tiptoe through the construction of their own borders, imaginary, psychic, sensitive, physical, which will be felt in these small group encounters.
The performance offers 3 successive rituals of about 1 hour each (AT HOME, ON THE WAY, et FROM THE CENTER) which can be followed as a whole or separately.

Concept & Performance Filiz Sizanli, Mustapha Kaplan, Julie Nioche
Music, Performance Alexandre Meyer  Regard
Scenography / Scenographic look Laure Delamotte-Legrand Régie générale /
Technical manager Max Potiron

Producer A.I.M.E. – Association d’Individus en Mouvements Engagés – Nantes.
With collaboration of TALDANS – Istanbul
Théâtre Paul Eluard – TPE, scène conventionnée d’intérêt national pour la danse de Bezons
Le Grand R, scène nationale La Roche-sur-Yon
Atelier de Paris CDCN
Théâtre Onyx / scène conventionnée de Saint Herblain
Creation supported by Région Pays de la Loire, Loire Atlantique departement, City of Nantes and French State / DRAC Pays de la Loire

1 June 2018, Centre d’art la Graineterie, Houilles avec le TPE de Bezons, Paris (FR)
18.30 / 19.45 / 21.00
2 June 2018, Le Bal, Paris (FR)
20.00 / 21.15 / 22.30
27 July 2018NHS70 Festival, National Theatre Wales & Migrations, Gwynedd, Wales, UK
28 July 2018NHS70 Festival, National Theatre Wales & Migrations, Gwynedd, Wales, UK
14.00 / 17.00 / 20.00

For the trailer please click here


Dolap @Théâtre de la Ville, Paris, FR 19-22/10/2017

Dolap_ Paris

An old fridge is anything but useless! In a well-structured trio with his partner Filiz Sizanli, Mustafa Kaplan transforms it in a surreal character. The ludicrous and dreamlike humor of an engineer and a former architect.

With their overflowing imagination, Mustafa Kaplan and Filiz Sizanli recycled an old fridge and transformed it in a gym apparatus and a dance partner which is both an enemy and an accomplice. Around this “Dolap”, meaning wardrobe but also plot in Turkish, they’re tricked by some ludicrous and silly situations, like two furniture movers who’d step in the imaginary world of a child. Adults might grasp different metaphors…

Théâtre de la Ville, Espace Cardin Studio, Paris France
19 October 2017, Thursday  – 14:30
20 October 2017, Friday – 10:00
21 October 2017, Saturday – 17:00
22 October 2017, Sunday – 15:00

Please, click here for tickets and venue details.