Commissioned by the CDC – Les Hivernales (Avignon-France)

First production – In partnership with the Association Jean Vilar (Maison Jean Vilar)

1 and 2 March – 4.30 pm

Maison Jean Vilar

Mustafa Kaplan and Alain Michard are the same age. They both started dancing later than most professionals. But that is about all they have in common. They first came together in 2007, taking off on the theme of Art History considered as a ‘common good’, a space for sharing and passing on knowledge. The duet created in Avignon is the outcome of work that has brought together Mustafa Kaplan, a Turkish choreographer, and Alain Michard, a French choreographer, since 2010, in both Istanbul and Rennes. Les Hivernales welcomes these two artists for a new encounter where they spend some time checking each other out, testing their weight, coming together, mixing their eventful life stories, acting as the other’s spokesman, calling up spirits, wrestling, creating a dance that hits like a wave – in fact, a tidal wave.