The 2 turkish choreographers, Filiz Sizanli and Mustafa Kaplan are working together since 15 years. For their last creation they decided to work on these past years not under a logic of repertoire but with a desire to revisit this common History with their 2 different memories, a need to evaluate their archive at the very moment when they are constructing it through this confrontation of 2 approaches, 2 ways of remembering, of raising blocks of lost and kept souvenirs that would be reciprocally completed…

In such a research developed with the dramaturge and philosopher Camille Louis, past can not appear anymore as a fixed, common and consensual data but turns into an unstable and alive reality since it directly comes from the re-encounter of existing subjects, of contemporary bodies and minds who, at a very moment decide to “look back”.

Not completely past, not absolutely entered in the present… what comes out here is “eskiyeni”: a new yesterday.

Such a process of recollection where room is let to subjective versions needed to be continued after a first performative realisation in Idans, October 2011. This led the trio directly to Beirut as a city deprived of a unique and common memory but totally animated by multiplicity of souvenirs. A present city whose past is still asking for new explorations, for approaches that may not be strictly historical, sociological or political  but maybe just organic and sensitive. Animated by the characteristic of their art: “the living one”, they decided to understand and find the past of Beirut in its life, in its today pierced by its before, in it’s “body” organised through specific circulations overpassing the internal gaps that, at a political level, separate communities, neighbourhoods, perspectives…This gives birth to a new “composition” of re articulated bodies and temporalities which offers to the spectator, in a non consensual way, a new kind of togetherness : a sensitive politic?